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Waitressing Gripes Page - Hate Mail

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People With Nothing Better To Do!

Occasionally I get an e-mail from someone who is not a server, has never been a server, yet for some reason bothered to read the page, and didn't like it. Either they genuinely have no sense of humor, or are just bitter and cranky, but in either case they then waste MORE of their time by e-mailing me to tell me they didn't like the page! So I thought I'd include some of them, since as you know, I am now a professional writer and no longer in the restaurant biz. So I want to give you, the serving public, a chance to reply! Just click on the name at the top of the letter.


During my university days I was a waitress. Part of the reason I went to university (sic). I assess abused children. I work very hard, making decisions that affect families' lives. Waitressing did not include these kinds of decisions. I went to school for 6 years, I put up with abuse dailyand no one tips me. Now where is it written, that some serving personnel who didn't go to school, who don't make life decisions, should get any kind of tip? I gave good service, tip or no tip, I was paid to do a job & I did it. Why should I ante up any of my money for someone who takes an order (along with stupid questions), serves the food (that they don't cook) & usually doesn't even clean the table. GET REAL. I am fed up with tipping - far too much is expected. You don't like your salary, your hours, the people, CHANGE JOBS!

From Ogden Anderson, in Los Angeles (my condolences to his wife, Sarah!):

" If you're a customer who's reading the page and is infuriated at everyone's horrible attitude, don't bother writing, just take the advice I will reply with anyway: lighten up!"
May I suggest you take your own advice and get over it instead of creating a political action committee for the rights of stupid people who can't get your order inside an hour but have plenty of time to smoke cigarettes in the kitchen, spit in your food and whine about everyone being rude to them on AOL.
P.S. The only reason anyone is rude to waiters is because they're incompetent idiots who aren't interested in helping their customers or doing the jobs they're paid to do. Don't complain to us, take a good look in the mirror instead.
P.P.S. A tip is a gratuity, it's not a requirement and it depends on the performance of the waiter and the mood of the customer. The waiter gets paid by the resteurant, not by me. And I resent being forced to tip semi-unemployed lowlifes by threats or dirty looks.

(Editor's note: I'm from Redondo Beach, and I can tell you that most people in L.A. are very nice, so please don't think everyone is like this "odious" fellow!)

From Mike Turk (, who is an unsuccessful JAZZ HARMONICA PLAYER (I'm not making this up!) who wants to make fun of OTHER people's jobs!

I'm sure you've heard this one often....Here's a tip, get out of the restaurant business!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure this page is fun for you, but you should register the reality that waiting on tables is hired help and no one should ever feel obligated to tip if the service comes with an attitude like " hey buddy I'm busy here, tou'll just have to wait!" Or, "exkews me but, I have to go home now, can you please settle so I can go( add high whiney voice). And Man, I hate it when the "waitperson" asks things like, "Are ya done with that?" This is real low class behavior not worthy of 15%.
A growing problem in most of our modern cities are these new "Hip-geoisie", mostly yuppie grazing spots that are stocked with waitpeople who are everything professional and artistic in every walk of life except the restaurant business and have a $150-$200 a night gratuity habit, yet still find time to belly-ache about their ignorant customers!


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