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Waitressing Gripes Page

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Last updated on: Sunday, May 23rd, 1999

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After waitressing all through high school and college at U. C. Berkeley, and finally escaping the restaurant biz, I'm trying to return to my roots and help enlighten all those annoying customers out there... as well as give voice to all those hard-working servers trying to earn a buck! I hope this page can be of service...


Please analyze your behavior carefully and see whether you are on your favorite waitress' hit list. Ask yourself whether you do these things...

The Waitressing Gripe Page is now WORLD FAMOUS in TWO states and another country! Read the fabulous article by Michael Bendure that appeared in the Sept. 30, 1997 issue of "The Trend," newspaper of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. Also, here is a note I received:

HI. I host an afternoon talk show in Michigan, and I'm doing a show about pet peeves when customers are out to eat. I'm including quotes from your web site as part of the show (with appropriate credit of course!). It's a great site! Thanks
Cameron Knowles
"The Cameron Knowles Show"
Weekdays 4-6 pm
WSGW Newsradio, Saginaw, Michigan

A reader also tells me she read about the site in Options magazine published in the UK... if anyone has seen that article or can find it on the web please do let me know! Its news to me!

I have uploaded some pictures of the good ole' diner where I worked for four of my eight years as a waitress. After being in business since 1926, it was torn down to become a "Men's Wearhouse." We had a full ice cream fountain and everything... yum!

rollerskating waitress What's the stupidest question you've ever been asked by a customer?

Doug in Massachusetts, who is not actually a server:
A good friend took me to a local breakfast place in a town to which he had just moved. He ordered "9 grain pancakes" from the menu, and when it was served, he asked the waitress why there were only 4 pancakes; what happened to the other 5?

Genna in Chicago:
Had a guy and his airhead girlfriend come in the other night and he asked for a glass of wine... ok sir... white or red?... (blank stare)... well sir, we have Sutter Home or Gallo in white wine and Merlot in red... "just give me regular wine".. gee... can you define regular wine for me sir?

Chris and Dave in Louisville, Kentucky:
Q: "What kind o fish is that fillett?"
A: "Im sorry sir, the Filet is STEAK fish."

Q: "Ya'll got white bread?"
A: "Would you like it toasted sir, just how mama used to make it?"

Jennifer in Franklin, New Hampshire:
Waitress: (answering the phone) "Good afternoon, FAVORITES, how can I help you?"
Girl on phone: "Do you take, like, FRIENDLY's coupons?"
Waitress: "No, but you might call FRIENDLY's--maybe they do."

Melissa Ambrose in Memphis, Tennessee:
I was asked today what our sweet tea is sweetened with! Um, we dump some jolly ranchers in there.. yah, that's right.

Julie in Iowa:
*I actually had a "guest" ask me once, "Is the water good here?"
*Someone asked me the other day if the drink came with the meal...its not McDonald's...sheeeesh!

Darren in Victoria, British Columbia:
What is the difference in size between the 8" and the 12" pizza?

Stupid Questions Archive

You've only scratched the surface if you're just reading this page! There are four more sections devoted to mail I have received from readers, all updated regularly:

Your waitressing GRIPES
Funny and infuriating STORIES from the restaurant world
People with nothing better to do (hate mail)!
Links to other waitressing-related sites

Please e-mail me and send me your own gripe, stupid question, or story... and I'll include the best ones on the page! I cannot emphasize enough that I can't air your gripe unless you include your name, city, and state! Also, please put "gripes" in the subject line. I have a junk mail filter that filters out anything with a different subject. If you're a customer who's reading the page and is infuriated at everyone's horrible attitude, don't bother writing, just take the advice I will reply with anyway: lighten up! life is a lot more fun when you learn to laugh at yourself (and your crappy job)!

enjoy your meal!