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This FREE Palm OS application has most of the information contained here on The Original Tipping Page.

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Waitressing Gripes Page - Disclaimer

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NOTE: These pages are being cached here since the original site has been down since around 2002. If the original author resucitates the old site, I will gladly remove it. I found it thourough and relative.

I'm sorry to tell you that...The Waitressing Gripe Page! Banner on indefinite hiatus. I just don't have time to keep up with it anymore, and anyway it has now been four years since I graduated and quit "the biz." When I started this page many years ago I could not find any other sites devoted to servers, but now there are plenty, so I will leave it up to them. I will keep the old page up here but will no longer be updating it. Maybe someday when I find myself with more time on my hands I will pick it up again. Thanks for griping!

Enter the old Waitressing Gripe Page!