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From Lauire

Just a side note... some Cruise Companies (ie Princess) are now addig the gratuities in to your price. They usually include a low price so I suggest still including a bit more.

From Bob in NY

Why should we tip anyway? Most restaurant do pretty good. They hired the people ,they should pay them a descent salary,or try another livelyhood.Are they the same people ,that open another restaurant or two, they must be making money somewhere.

From Tom

15%?????????????????????? oh i can see why your not into tipping! gonzalez.

From C. F.

I am a server (more proper term), in a fine dining restaurant. Our service is outstanding and for the most part we are tipped well. Something I would like to point out that most people don't realize is the tax factor. Now I don't know if states are all different or even restaurants, but we are required to make an earning claim of 12% of what we sell whether we make it or not. Not to mention, in this retaurant we tip bussers, bar, etc. 35% of what we gross. Usually it works out. Problems arise though when people order expensive bottles of wine and don't tip on them. I served a $315 bottle of Dom P. champagne and got a $5 tip. Now I understand that all I did was open a bottle,but they didn't realize that I had to tip out 35% of that $5 plus claim as if they had given me close to $40. Those taxes come out of our already weak paychecks and sometimes out of our pockets..

From Brian

What is this about 20% being the new 15%? I think 20% is a joke with prices going up everywhere.

From Kara

No blog about the Tax Free Tip Act? It would seem fitting

From Steve

Tipping is not only a great way to say thanks for a great service but also a way to ensure you get great service! As such, I've started a community website that applies this principle to the art of finding and haggling bargains. This may seem like an un-natural marriage but bear with me!

Whilst there are many social network sites where people will help and advice each other, the reality is that people are only going to make a modest effort for a stranger. What our site does is provide the extra motivation needed to get people to go the extra mile, e.g. haggling with sellers, by making “tipping” part of our etiquette. Basically, if someone saves you time and/or money then you say thanks for the service by leaving them a tip… in other words you tipatipa!

Anyway, I'd love to know what you think of the site/idea and perhaps you'd consider doing a write up about it with a suggestion for what you think would make a fair tip? It would be great to be able to link to it from our website as a kind of tipping guide!

From Kara

No blog about the Tax Free Tip Act? It would seem fitting

From Rudy

First let me say that I am a non tipper. why should I give any extra money to a waiter for a job that they are getting paid for in the first place, It is not my problem if they dont have a good enough job that pays well.....

From Megan in IL

If a hair dresser recieves 10-20 percent and does not have to deal with customers who misbehave, are in poor condition. and have to be rebathed due to (accidents) shouldn't dog groomers get at least, if not more than what beauticians do as a tip?

From Mary in NM

I was asked one night if our dinner salads consist of vegetables....Uuuummm... yea? A friend was asked exactly what we put in our cinnamon apples. Well gee! Usually, cinnamon and ummmm apples?

From Billy

I went to great clips today for a haircut & the stilest by the name of dessie companion,in the collegeville pa. salone refused to do my hair.She gave me a bad cut before,so i thought i would give her a nother chance.She turned me away,with a very unprofessional attitude.I was shocked!Never again will i go to that great clips salone,or any other great glips again.I would not recomend this place to shouldent either,unless you want to get clipped badly!

From Lia

I don't think that the tipping guidelines for delivery are very good. To say that it's unneccesary to tip for delivery is wrong. Sure it's not obligatory, but it's also not very nice. This is a trusted website, so it would be nice for tipping to be encouraged when I'm pretty sure that delivery people rely on their tips for their living too, just as servers do. The $30-$60 range tipping of 5-10% seems a little low too. I get the 10, but 5 seems too low.

From Tamar

I've been informed on numerous occasions that personal services such as manicures deserve 20% for a decent to good job. I only tip 15% if the service was "simply satisfactory."

From Mariah in NV

Wow how jaded have people become. The reason food costs what it does is not because of how much they get it for. It involves prep cooks, cooks, cleaning crews, keeping the lights on, keeping the temperature acceptable, etc. As our daily lives are lived in inflation so is the restaurant and it's cost. If you want good service you need to encourage good servers and bartenders to stay in the industry, by making sure they can afford to live. Regardless of opinion, it does take intelligence to do their jobs. I know plenty of professionals that are horrendous multi taskers, but yet I can promise you that GOOD servers are great at that. The server/bartender is responsible for setting the mood for that experience. If that is a remarkable experience and you visit them frequently, how does that not justify showing an appreciation not based on just the amount, but the quality in which you live your life.

From Kenneth in OK

I tip $1 for a lunch buffet up to $10, then more for excellent service, extras, drinks in excess of normal refills, etc. Higher priced buffets are not common in OKC, OK, but evening meals may be higher and I try to maintain a similar ratio, like $2 for buffets over $10/person.

From Emily

I went to Vegas and visited a well known dance club. I tipped the dj $10 to play a great dance song that he said he WOULD play. After almost 3 hours the song was still not played and I was ready to go home. What should I have done? (note: I have been in the service industry for most of my life and NEVER once received payment or tip for something not done.) I was a little disgruntled and just left. I have told most of my friends about this. We have all now vowed to tip dj's only after the requests have been played. ps. I was not the only one in my group that was song stiffed that night.

From Kellie in OH

I can't believe that after 14 years in the same restaraunt, I am being told that 15% is still ok. Is this the only job in the entire country that is expected to go decades without any type of raise? Seriously??? Try paying your bills on 15% and sub-minimum hourly rates....ridiculous....We deserve raises too like everyone else!!!



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