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From Hans in Belgium

In our country, "tipping" has mostly been institutionalised. As "tips" are included everywhere (before VAT and other taxes are added to the bill), it's only on the visa-eurocard-etc slips that people still add a "motivational tip". In some movie theatres, the lady who shows you your seat doesn't get paid: THERE we tip (one, two euro's when the movie ticket is about 6-8: that makes 25%) In cabs, though, as we have had the experience of cab drivers taking the big tour AROUND the city instead of going right through (friday late night, drive 3 times the necessary distance when the inner city is FAST to go through) I learned to have "little cash" in my pockets. I don't think this kind of unprofessional behaviour should be rewarded.

From Judy

Never tip the owner of any business or anyone who has the power to set their own prices and therefore, get the profit they wish to make, i.e. massage therapist, hairdressers, etc. Only tip what you can afford and according to the service you received. Tips are voluntary but many waitstaff just feel entitled no matter do not have to tip these people.!!!

From Dan in PA

Some guests are exceptional, others are generious, few are assholes.

From Bob

I believe tipping is a scam on the public. Why must I pay someone to bring food out. How else can I eat it if someone dosen't bring it out to me? The food is already expensive and this just adds to it. Why do I have to help pay a restaurant owners employees. Do I have to bribe people to do a good job? Let the owners pay their employees what they are worth, more for the better ones and less for others. Another thing, how can you justify tipping 20% of a $100 bill ($20) or a $20 bill($4) Did one waiter work 5 times harder than the other. Thats crazy!! A gratuity is meant to reward for exceptional service. Let me reward if I feel led to not pressured to. There is no law requireing me to tip at all. How can you justify tipping at all. Just do you job and do it well as most of us who do not get tips do.

From Herman

Tipping in America has become a huge joke. We tip as if it were something manditory in our culture. We are ridiculed or at a minimum thought ill of if we fail to tip. Then, you post articles like the one about the bellman tipping that truly shows what fools Americans have become. One should tip ONLY according to ones own pleasure. Not for the pleasure of the service provider and NEVER on some percentage basis established not by the tipper but by the tippee. Americans will gratuitously give some five Billion dollars in tips this year. Surely that's a nice number. But to be at a point where horrible service deserves the same tip as excellent service. Well, we must have lost touch with reality.

From Troy

You list the poker tip as $5 per session. Any of the casinos I play at, the custom for a cash game is $1 per hand that you win. For tournaments, the tip is generally already included in your entry fee.

From Lonn in CA

I tip waitresses only, but think tipping is old fashioned. I have never been tipped in my life, for doing a good job, I've done a good job because thats what I've agreed to do for the pay that my employer has agreed to pay me. If you can't make it on the money you've agreed to work for, you should find a better job. If you need to go back to school, do it, don't sit around complaining you don't make enough money.

From Mim

It's a shame that travellers to the US have to learn so much beforehand. After reading this informative site and particularly the forum comments, I plan to be very cautious about where I eat and stay, to make sure I don't get my food spat upon and bags stolen or gone through. Must be a nightmare for day to day living. I'm surprised there hasn't been some change in the service industry to introduce proper wages (and higher prices accordingly) to try to limit the extortion by service workers of innocent or ignorant visitors to the USA (as evidenced by the contributors to this site). Sounds as if I'll need to be more concerned about theft, food contamination/poisoning and poor service in the USA than I will when I travel to India next month.

From Gary

If you don't tip the bus person, seating hostess or the person who brings your water in a regular restaurant, why should the same person in a buffet get a tip? 10% for about one minute of work! Tipping is just getting ridculous! Why should unskilled labor get what amounts to about $80 per hour salary when you figure how much they get for the time they spend on each customer!

From Sonia

After reading your suggestions about how to tip a bellman I realize I will never waste another penny on one again. Remind me why you are so special? May I inform you that to the rest of the intelligent world you really are JUST a bellman. Get a real job if are in need of money instead of begging from those of us who are well educated and well to do individuals.

From Emily in England

I'm a hard working waitress and I'd like to make it clear to everyone who ever visits England and enjoys a meal out...please tip in cash not on your credit card as this is the only way to guarantee your waitstaff get the tips you leave for them. Credit card tips are rarely given back to the staff. I know my boss keeps all mine!

From Paula

15% seems high for a beauty shop. Considering I spent $260.00 today for myself and my daughter to have color and cut, that would be a $39.00 tip! Just a thought but don't they get paid, unlike waitresses in a restaurant who depend almost entirely upon tip income? I found your site because I realized at the salon that I really didn't know how much I was expected to tip. I'm afraid I "stiffed" them badly since I only gave them $5.00 each. Oops, probably shouldn't go back there. This is a very helpful site. Thanks!

From Phaq

Tipping for a massage? B.S.! It's no surprise that the entry was input by a massage therapist! Let me explain why the standard tip for a massage is Z-E-R-O. And this explanation can be used as a rule of thumb across the board. At a restaurant you are paying for the food and tipping for the service. When getting a massage you are already paying for the service, nothing more. If a person tunes your piano, do you tip the person? No. I repair computers in peoples homes, would you tip me for using my skills to make your computer function? No. Then why on Earth would you tip a massage therapist when you are already paying for the person's skills? The rule of thumb is very simple: if you are paying a fee for the person's skill or ability no tip is required, you are already paying for it. If you are paying for goods and service is part of those goods, a tip is appropriate. That is why tipping a server or a kid who takes your groceries out to your car and loads them should be tipped. You don't tip for a paid service, my lord is this person greedy!

From Mary

After a debate with my husband regarding the fact that he regularly tips the salon owner who gives him a "finger cut" that takes ten minutes, I asked several salon owners if a tip was expected. Their response was that since they owned and operated the salon as well as performing regular duties, they did not consider it appropriate to be tipped. They receive stipends from other operators and would consider their tip as a referral to their business. We live in Palm Beach County, so the rest of the world may not have caught up with us yet.

From Anonymous in Miami

I couldn't even finish your web page do to the fowl language. For someone who is trying to get bellmen a better break, you sure are making them look less than deserving.

From Joe in KS

Regarding tipping for fast food (pizza or Chinese), your suggestion states that no tip is required, but .50 - $2 is appreciated. I have always considered tipping the driver 15-20% of the bill, provided the service is timely & friendly. I am a concierge, so I pride myself on tipping as generously as I hope others tip me. IMHO, the suggested amount seemed a little low.


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