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New Zealand

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Submitted by Ken Stevens
This is a cute story from New Zealand. Goes to show you how different languages and dialects can play a role in understanding. This is a quote from a reader who posted it in our discussions board. On a trip to New Zealand I read in the inflight magazine that tipping was not the custom in New Zealand. After renting a car at Auckland's airport I starting driving. Every once in awhile I noticed a sign at the side of the road saying "Refuse Tip". I thought, boy, they are really serious. After some investigation I learned Refuse meant "Trash" and Tip meant "container".
Errata Naomi writes:

it is stated above that 'tip' means a container. This isn't correct, a "tip" or "rubbish tip" ("refuse tip" as cited is not that common) refers to a landfill, not a container.