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chambermaid $5 a night minimum. More if long stays (over a week) Consider $7 to $9 a night.
room service waiter 15% of bill
bellhop $10 for bringing you to your room with luggage; $5 dollars for opening and showing the room
lobby attendant none for opening door or calling taxi from stand; $1 dollar or more for help with luggage or finding a taxi on the street
desk clerk none unless special service is given during long stay then, $5
concierge $5-$10 Average. More for special services or favors

The following link will take you outside of The Original Tipping Page. I do not endorse nor reject the views of the author. It is included for informational purposes only.

NOTE: This Page has been down for some time now, perhaps for more than a year. The web host (Primenet) is no longer in business either. I have tried to contact the original author and maintainer of the Bellman Gripes Page but I have been unsuccessful. Since I found the page to be relative, entertaining and somewhat factual, I have decided to keep a local cached copy of the page.

Bellman Gripe Page - How To Correctly Tip a Bellman