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Exotic Club

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Submitted by Tammy - Bartender, Dancer, Waitress
Dancers The dancers, many nights, don't get tipped as well as they should. If a patron is going to sit at the stage, minimum $3 tip per song, per person. If they are at a table, they should at least get up once during each song. Even one dollar is usually appreciated
Waitress Drinks in exotic clubs are a little more expensive than in regular ones. I think for most beer, $1 per beer works, more for mixed drinks, since there is preparation involved. I have been a bartender, waitress and dancer, and many people don't tip accordingly. Waitresses should get tipped more regularly if the patron is sitting at the stage or at a table. That is a lot of running, especially on a busy night. Bartenders are more likely to get tipped, but several of my customers would decide to tip at the end of the night and then conveniently "forget" to do so. And of course, the standard 15% on credit or debit cards should be the rule in an exotic dance club as well.
Submitted by Ami
Dancers Remember you can also tip after you get a private (lap, couch, table, vip, champane) dance. And if a girl comes over to talk with you and you want her to stay just to talk TIP HER. She does NOT get paid hourly