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Tipping on Your Cruise

Some cruisers are surprised to find that cruise lines expect them to tip the on-board service crew at the end of the voyage. Ask your Agent about policies practiced by the cruise line you select.

If you were to tip your waiter at every meal, as you would at any good restaurant, you may think little of it. But if you accumulate those same tips until the end of your voyage, they look like a lot of money! The gratutities that most tipping guidelines suggest are about 50-70 percent of that amount.

Cruise line guidelines may also suggest tips for service people some travelers might not otherwise consider:

While some travelers routinely tip their chambermaids, many do not; but most guidelines suggest that cruisers show their appreciation to their cabin steward for excellent service.

A traveler may tip a Maître d'Hôtel who provides a table without a reservation, or who upgrades a table location; but a cruiser may not appreciate the excellent service a Maître d' may provide in assigning dinner seatings and managing a cruise ship dining room efficiently.

Many travelers routinely tip tour guides and instructors for interesting land excursions, tours and activities.

Many cruise lines publish tipping guidelines for their guests. Here is a sampling of their guidelines:

Carnival Cruise Lines: "Tipping is at your discretion. As a guideline, Carnival recommends the following gratuities: Cabin Steward--$3 per guest, per day, Waiter--$3 per guest per day, Busboy--$1.50 per guest per day. For your convenience, a 15% gratuity will be automatically added to your bar bill! Tipping your Maitre D' and Head Waiter is at your discretion."

Celebrity Cruises: "Celebrity suggests the following guidelines: Dining Room Service: Waiter, $3.0 per person per day; Busboy, $1.50 per person per day. Restaurant, per person per cruise: Manager, $7.50, 10- or 11-night cruise; $9.00, 13-night cruise; $12.00 17-night or longer cruise. Stateroom Service: Butler, $3.00 per person per day (suites only); Steward/ess,$3.00 per person per day. Chief Housekeeper, per person, per cruise: $5.00, 10- or 11-night cruise; $6.00, 13-night cruise; $7.50, 15-night cruise; $8.50, 17-night or longer cruise.

Crystal Cruises: "As a guideline, may we suggest the following: room stewardess--$3.50 per person, per day; waiter--$3.50 per person, per day; assistant waiter--$2 per person, per day. Tips to the Maître d', Headwaiter, Butler, Assistant Stewardess and night snack personnel are at your discretion. For Salon or Spa personnel, we recommend a 15% gratuity. A 15% gratutityfor all bar drinks, sodas, asnd wines by the glass, will be added to the bill automatically. For Prego, Kyoto and Jade Garden [reservation-only restaurants on board], we recommend a gratuity of $5 per guest, per dinner."

Cunard Lines: "Gratuities for cabin stewards/stewardesses and waiters are included in all full and segment cruise fares. While on board, passengers may tip the maitre d', section captains, deck stewards and night stewards for exceptional service. A 15% service charge is automatically added to bar and wine purchases and beauty salon services."

Holland America Line: "Our 'tipping not required' policy ensures that the professional and gracious service you receive on board is truly sincere, and that we are dedicated to providing you the most relaxed cruise vacation, not simply performing service in return for tips. You are free, however, to extend monetary recognition if you wish; it's entirely up to you. (Companypolicy prohibits us from suggesting how much.)"

Norwegian Cruise Line: "The following are recommended guidelines for tipping on board. Waiter and Cabin Steward: $3.00 each per person per night. Maitre d' and Busboy: $1.50 each per person per night. These gratuities are usually paid at the end of the cruise. A 15% gratuity is already included in bar tabs and in beauty salon and sauna charges. Other staff may be tipped asservices are rendered."

Renaissance Cruises:"Fares do not include...gratuities...."

Silversea Cruise Lines: Gratuities for cabin stewards/stewardesses and waiters are included in all full and segment cruise fares.

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